Friday, April 2, 2010

Breach and something I wrote

After a long hiatus, watched a movie today, 'Breach'. The last one was about two months back. The movie is about finding a mole in the FBI and how a noob is able to catch him red-handed when so many veterans fail. Well, there's one thing I can say, movies come nowhere close to novels when it comes to spy stories. I reckon it becomes very difficult to put so many details in the movies which give the story the flavour. Still, being a true story its a good watch. "The Spy who came in from the Cold" still is the best spy story I watched or read, they say it is the best ever written. :).

And yes, the following is something I wrote lately:

Ye soch kar hum unki tasveer mukarrar dekha karte the
Kabhi to kam-bakht humko vo nazar uthakar dekhenge

Unhone kabhi humaare payaam ka jawaab nahin diya
Socha tha vo yoon likhenge to yoon likhkar dekhenge


SKT said...

vah!bahut khoob!

sheen said...

The second couplet's really gud esp "socha tha..." :)


SKT: Dhanyawaad Sir!

Sheen: Thanks. Kaash kabhi vo bhi padhe jiske liye likha tha :D.

Khaandm said...

Awesomeee shers!
Dude put the other shayaris too on blog na!


Cool Dude, Aap junta ko impress karte phiren isliye sir? :P

Anonymous said...

@ Maharaj ye aapke liye -

Thukra ke usne mujhko, kaha ki muskuraao!

Maine has diya, aakhir sawal uski khushi ka tha.

Maine khoya woh jo mera tha hi nahi,

Usne khoya wo jo sirf usi ka tha.

I think these are the best lines that tell everything about your "case.

I hope you would appreciate them.

Tapasya said...

"Socha tha vo yoon likhenge to yoon likhkar dekhenge..."

Very nice...

Here's the girl's perspective :D :D

Woh tasveer humari yun dekha karte hain kuch madhosh aankhon se,
Ke sharm si aati hai, nazar uthakar dekhein to kaise,

Jhuktii hui palkon se haal-e-dil bayaan karte magar
Jo ishaare woh padh sakein, hum likhen to kaise


@Tapasya: Thanks a lot. You write beautifully.

do sheron mein keh daale woh khyaal jinpar raaton jaage
kahiye hum aapka ye vaar-e-alfaaz sahein to kaise :)

By the bye, in the first couplet,(which is very close to my heart) second line, I talk about her in her potrait :)