Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Khushi ne mujhko thukraya hai

Another gem by Beghum Akhtar. Written by Ali Ahmed Jalili.

An attempt at a literal translation.

Khushi ne mujhko thukraya hai, dard-o-gham ne paala hai
Gulon ne be-rukhi ki hai, toh kaanton ne sambhala hai

Happiness deserted me while pain accommodated,
Flowers snubbed me while the thorns supported

Mohabbat mein khayaal-e-sahil-o-manzil hai naadaani,
Jo in raahon mein lut jaaye, wahi taqdeer waala hai

Looking for shore in the ocean of love is immaturity,
Lucky are those who drown during their journey

Charagan kar ke dil behla rahe ho kya jahan waalon,
Andhera laakh roshan ho, ujaala phir ujaala hai

Why are people trying to ward off darkness (sorrow) by lighting candles?
There's only so much artificial lighting can do when compared to natural light

Kinaaron se mujhe ae naakhudaaon door hi rakhna
Wahan lekar chalo toofan jahan se uthne waala hai

Keep me (my ship) away from the safe shores, dear Captain (Naakhuda)
Take me where a storm is about to rise

Nasheman hi ke lut jaane ka gham hota to kya gham tha
Yahan toh bechne waale ne, gulshan bech daala hai

If only I was sad for just having my nest ripped off,
The sellers here, have sold the whole garden.

--- Ali Ahmed Jalili

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