Saturday, March 7, 2009


The second thriller/mystery movie of the sem, and my God, one of the best I have ever seen. The director is Christopher Nolan, yes, the director of the much noted 'The Dark Knight', in fact the first movie he directed, produced and wrote the screenplay for. Well, to a person who has seen 'Memento' which was also directed by him, 'Following' will not come as surprise when it gets all confusing with its complex non-linear screen-play. Memento at least has two linear timelines going alternately, but in this movie there are actually three timelines and unlike Memento in which there is change in film stock from colour to black & white or vise-versa when there's a transition in timeline, in this movie the transition is shown by a blank screen :). But, the movie is much shorter, 69 mins only.

The movie's budget was only $6000, was shot on weekends and for most of the part Nolan did not employ any professional film lighting equipment.

I think a very intriguing plot is possibly the only thing the movie can offer to its viewers, but still its a must watch. I would earnestly recommend the movie to all who liked 'Memento'. I did not see 'The Dark Knight' completely for its fantastic action, but surely will see 'Insomnia' which was directed by him and 'Inception' which will get released in 2010.

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