Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Linux Mint

For those who are fed up of Windows and want to try Linux, here's a distro Linux Mint. The latest being Linux Mint Gloria, the seventh version. Basically made for dabblers who find Linux painful to use, it betters Ubuntu in its "user-friendliness" as it has gui for most of the common tweaks so that users don't have to go to the configuration files and make changes. It can be a good replacement for the users who think that Ubuntu isn't user-friendly enough and are about to uninstall it or use it only when they have to delete some virus.

Also it comes with all the commonly used applications like mplayer, flashplayer, audio players, the codecs for playing the different formats etc. Can be booted on using a pen-drive and runs very smoothly, do give it a try! Can be download from here:

Linux-Mint Download

PS: It is Ubuntu based so the Ubuntu repositories work, can use IITM ftp repositories.

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