Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What a book!

Yesterday, in the train while coming back from Indore I finished reading "The Spy Who Came in from the Cold". My God, what a thriller it was! The best I have read so far, better than Dan Brown's all books, better than the ones I have read by Robert Ludlum, John Grisham, Ken Folett, Michael Crichton, Haggai Carmon. It gives the same feel that the movie by Nolan 'Following' does, except in the end. A very intriguing plot, no action(I mean fighting sequences) and very dispassionate characters. And the best thing, it has a very sad end. In all the thrillers I have read so far, the ending is not so depressing. In this book the nice guys die, all of them :D. And, somehow, I like saddening endings.

Also it has a very interesting foreword to the sceptre edition by the author :). I could have copied it, but couldn't find an e-book. It is a must read for spy story lovers. The author is an ex-MI agent.
John le Carré

Ah, found it! I know that nobody reads my blog, but never mind. It goes like this:

My diligent publisher kindly suggested that, for this new edition of the novel, I might grab the opportunity to correct some of the more blatant inconsistencies and - dare I say it? - infelicities that occur in the original text. I declined. To me, they are honourable scars, part of who I was and wasn't, still at the threshold of my writing life, thirty-five years ago.
JOHN LE CARRE, October 1998

People get sentimental about all sorts of things, :).

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