Monday, February 1, 2010


Just finished watching Ishqiya. Another very good attempt by Vishal Bharadwaj to make a movie different from the cliched flicks. I have a liked quite a few by him but this one I liked the best. Vidya Balan looks enthralling. Arshad Warsi acted very well, better than Naseeruddin Shah, just like surprisingly Saif Ali Khan's acting was better than Ajay Devgan's in Omkara. He got the Bhopali accent very well. The songs are lyrical, I liked the classical-ish song "Badi Dheere Jali Raina" a lot.

The story was OK, decently compelling, but the best thing about the movie were the dialogues. That one by Vidya Balan was poignant when in the early part of the movie she implores her husband to surrender (she is madly in love with him) and says 'Chadar par tumhaari silwaton par mare pade rehte hein'. I have never read/heard a couplet on this concept. I wish to write one myself. The second best thing I liked was Vidya Balan, :). She looks awesome throughout the movie, her voice and eyes are too inviting.

I think people who liked Omkara will surely like this one. I don't know the meaning of the word Ishqiya, it's not there in the Urdu dictionary I use. Anybody any idea? I see that my stat-counter increases sometimes, glad to see that people read/glance-at what I copy/ramble respectively at my blog.

One thing I didn't understand was, in the end why couldn't Vidya Balan's husband smell the stench of mercaptan when the gas leaks, :).


sheen said...

Hi, I tried watching the movie last evening, but couldn't sustain interest in it, after the first Arshad-Naseer scene, somehow! Vidya wasn't inviting to me, for one! (Sorry! no offense!) I'll make attempt 'two' maybe, given your appreciation of it.

PS. strayed to your blog, from your comment on mine. :-P


Hehe. Well, don't go too much by my reviews. I generally don't have a popular opinion, :).But, the one about Vidya Balan is a popular one, at least amongst the wing-mates of mine. She has that inexplicably traditional Indian-look.

sheen said...

I didn't! Not worth a watch 'through' for me...left it midway!